Here you’ll find an archive of my favorite resources and my thoughts on design. Whether you’re a fellow creative in need of some inspiration, or you’re simply curious to see how I learn, please use this collection to your benefit!
(I am not affiliated with the following links in any way.)
Favorite Books on Design and Lettering
Logo Design Love (David Airey)
Elegantissima (Louise Fili)
In Progress (Jessica Hische)
The Golden Secrets of Lettering (Marina Flor)​​​​​​​
Creative Strategy and the Business of Design (Douglas Davis)
ID Identity Designed (David Airey)
The Designers Dictionary of Type (Sean Adams)
Thinking with Type (Ellen Lupton)
Above the Fold (Brian D. Miller)
Creating a Brand Identity (Cathrine Slade-Brooking)
My Designer Toolbox
(the basics)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Procreate app (for iPad)
Pinterest for moodboarding
Moleskine and Rhodia sketchbooks for idea exploration
Pantone swatch book
Good Design... 
Is problem solving
Is making things that people like (versus advertising, which is making people like things - Brian Collins)
Undergoes a process (define problem, gather info, ideation, design, feedback, revision, finalization, implementation)
Isn’t art. (Designing isn’t making whatever you want)
Is both functional and aesthetic (function and form)
Communicates effectively
Is unobtrusive
Is useful to people
Is ethical
Glorifies God
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